Commission by @amegafuru_art. Thank you for genderbending us ❤️

HelloTwinsies is a sibling-owned online small business that started off as a means to share our love for fandoms through our art. We both have always had a passion for drawing, but couldn’t pursue art as a profession despite wanting to. That didn’t stop us from dipping our toes into the merch-making world. Our brand may have started off creating fanmerch, but we hope to one day grow our small business through original creations born from our hearts. That is not to say that we won’t continue making merch for the fandoms we love—we aim for a balance between the two. To ensure that all fanmerch are created with the same amount of love we put into our original designs, we limit ourselves to creating only for shows/series that we’ve watched/read, as well as video games that we’ve played.

Our journey all started with our small Tictail shop in March of 2017. This little storefront started off as a hobby while we were still in school, but as of January 2022 we have decided to pursue this online business full-time. After a 2 year hiatus and taking the long way 'round, we're following our hearts and finally fully committing to this small business. There may be many obstacles and road bumps that we've yet to overcome, but we hope to grow this business as much as we can. For those that stop by to support us, and for those who have continued to support us, we honestly can't thank you enough! We hope y'all stick around to see how far we can take this dream of ours!

- - -

HelloTwinsies is completely artist owned and operated. All products we sell are designed, packaged, and shipped out by the two of us. Some products are produced by a manufacturer, while others are entirely handmade in our home office, but all products are created with love and care. By purchasing from our online shop, you are directly supporting our livelihood and helping us realize our dreams.