Hades Soft PVC Phone Grip
Hades Soft PVC Phone Grip

Hades Soft PVC Phone Grip

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Unofficial phone grips inspired by the game Hades. Designs are fanmade and unaffiliated with SGG. In compliance with SGG’s terms, we will only be having a limited stock for these designs.

❖︎ Phone grips are approximately 2 inches and are made of soft PVC
❖︎ Grip base color is black
❖︎ Gel adhesive tape to mount grip to the back of your case. Please check FAQs for removal and reuse of gel adhesive.
❖︎ Designs can be swapped with other designs from our store. Carefully remove the 4 short prongs on the back of the design from their slots and replace with another design of your choice

In regards to grading: All phone grip designs are subject to some imperfections/defects. Phone grips that are sold as seconds have noticeable defects that can be seen at arm's length. Grading is based on our standards and, therefore, very subjective. You may or may not notice the flaws at all. This is not to say that standard grade phone grips are completely flawless. Standard grade phone grips may or may not have minor imperfections that are hard to notice unless looking closely for them. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase.

Due to color calibration across different devices, actual product colors may differ from what you see on-screen.